master mike

With over 20 years of tattooing experience, numerous awards, and recognition for his exceptional work, Master Mike’s path to success has been marked by resilience and determination.

Master Mike’s journey began not only as a struggle with persistent rejections for apprenticeships, but also as a reflection of a life shaped by poverty in war-torn Cambodia, which lead him to hone his skills by practicing on orange peels and pig skins. After working in various tattoo shops, Mike learned the ins and outs of being a professional tattoo artist and opened Inkfiend Art Studio in 2004.

Despite the trials, Master Mike doesn’t see himself as a master of tattooing but as a Master—a respected, wise teacher to his apprentices over the years. 

The visionary behind Inkfiend Art Studio, lives by this simple yet powerful philosophy for the shop and his artists.
Values ingrained by his parents—hard work, dedication, and appreciation for the craft:

more hustlin’ , LESS FUSSIN’ 

In line with his commitment to paying it forward, Master Mike has introduced an apprenticeship program here at Inkfiend Art Studio.

This opportunity, once elusive for him, is now extended to those who share a genuine interest and dedication to the art of tattooing. It’s a chance for aspiring artists to immerse themselves in a culture of hard work, passion, and artistic excellence—a reflection of Master Mike’s belief in the transformative power of dedication and opportunity.

The artists at Inkfiend Art Studio have been meticulously chosen for their unique personal style, work ethic and overall commitment and dedication.

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